The Wengen Church

The church and the community hall are places of hospitality. In “The Convent in Heart of the City”, which has now found a home in the old presbytery in the Wengengasse 6, there is always someone available to listen to those, who come and seek counsel.

St. Michael’s Parish has also made a home for the native-tongue communities:  Italians, Eritreans, Hungarians, Filipinos and people from Poland.


Kirche St. Michael zu den Wengen



The convent in the heart of the city is linked to the tradition of the ancient Monastery of Wengen, which was founded in the 12th century. Today four Sisters from two different Congregations live again in the monastery in the Wengen Gasse 6 in the center of Ulm.

The convent is a central contact point for the pastoral care of passers-by and the Sisters of the convent invite those who pass by and anyone seeking advice to come and share their concerns.



Und Gott sah alles an, was er gemacht hatte; und siehe da, es war sehr gut. (Gen 1,31)


Lust beim Krippenspiel mitzumachen?

Am 24. Dezember feiern wir um 15:30 Uhr  in der Wengenkirche…

Änderung der Gottesdienstzeit am Sonntagabend

Ab 1. Advent 2019 ändern wir den Beginn der Eucharistiefeier…

AdventsWEG – Türen

Ab Sonntag, 01.12. öffnen sich in der Wengenkirche dieses…


In the parish office provides information and instructions for your concerns and find competent partners.

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